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About Benil Boss

`The Most Fashion Forward’ was the award accorded to him when he graduated from his college of fashion. Benil Boss is grateful of the feat he has earned and welcomes the acknowledgement as a fashion designer he does not confine himself to the said domain only. He is a multidisciplinary artist; guided by a lifelong love of drawing, sketching and crafting, he ventured outside, on to a passionate exploration. Which included photography and designing lights to a business man. But simply, he likes to call himself an artist.

In the year 2012, he started his brand Briares. Briares- because, its basic tenet of great hundred hand is where he derives his strength and the power to compel in his work and in his personal life as well (Greek Mythology).

Born in God’s own country Kerala, in the south of India he has been an ardent admirer of nature’s enigmatic beauty, which has been his continuous source of inspiration for his work. Colours, textures, patters, shapes and sizes were always his muse as a kid, which grew exorbitantly as he aged. He is focused and determined but the bug of curiosity makes him always try for something new, he is always on a venture to take risks with forms, styles and techniques in the quest for novelty. As the Greek genius, Aristotle once said, “A artist not only imitates nature but also improves upon it”. He believes that an artist must break free from the domesticity of the prescribed framework and unleash his creative force beyond the horizons.