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Women in 'LIGHT'

As millions of women forces march across the country and the world together; in solidarity with men to demand for their protection and our progress altogether- against abortion, same marriage rights and discrimination on immigrants, Briares, with the project Women in ‘LIGHT’ stands in solidarity with the movement and the idea behind it. 

As I prepare to enter the fashion industry, where human disposition creates obscurity- body outweighs souls; UNTAMED- I am everything you can't control is an endeavour, so close to my heart, is the underlying theme of the project which has been with strenuous work, constructed into a short video. The designs have been created with the aim to spread the idea of strength and courage. And most of all, with the LED lights and the unique designs such as cage-like arrangements employed in the collection, it intends to celebrate the emancipation of woman; to reckon the voices of women, of freedom and power.

“Find your ways, I cannot always be with you”. How many of you have been told this? Not me, but I know my mother was and my sister too. You see, my mother and sister is from a line of women who were/is alone- who were/are mostly perceived just an object of desire- bought, exchanged and controlled.

‘YOU MIGHT GET RAPED!’- always big and loud. Some even say,” Do not go to the poorly lit areas” But- poorly lit areas are their life!
Even relations defy them- Fathers’, Husbands’ and Brothers’-- the ones who were asked to protect them, made them fear. The enemy is fear. I think fear of violence is as profound as the violence itself.

In the video, the models represent the terrified women of our society. Here, together, they step out in the streets- in the hills of fear- in the woods of uncertainty- and in the boulevards of darkness. They walk out, for all women those who haven’t gathered the courage to do so; backing each other, giving a hand, a little help to climb, one step at a time. How happy I was, when they said, “it feels good to walk on our feet and not be stopped”. “Let’s light fire in us” said, one. Heaven’s knew it was time! They wore a dress of light as their best attire, a stunning dress made of anger and dignity. They left home this time, they left to never come back, afraid. Together they braved, into the poorly lit areas of streets. They knew it was time, it was time to withdraw fear. Fear is a delicious void and they conquered it. As they stripped themselves bare; unclad and naked, they found what they were looking for-courage and strength. And it was to remain.

I sincerely thank my friends, Rael Armstrong, Pavitra Singh, Carla Aciar, Josephine Nongmaithem, and Nirma for making this video a possibility. This project wouldn’t see its lights without you all’s support.

Special Thanks to my strength and support Ngurang Reena

Website- www.briares.com
Music- FILM- Stop
Director- Rael Armstrong
Designer- Benil Boss